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Founded by a mom of twin girls who loved trucks, Pink Truck is the Twinspiration™ brand that's been featured in popular media such as NPR, the Boston Globe, and Women's Health. At Pink Truck, pink isn’t a color; it’s a mindset. We offer cute, simple, practical clothing, with a message: it’s time to change gear.

We aim to build a community of Pink Truckers who lead by example. Men, women, and children wear Pink Truck’s shabby-chic apparel in support of a new generation that won’t be programmed or limited by antiquated stereotypes that have, for example, told little boys that it’s uncool to love pink, or have told little girls that they should aspire toward nothing more than being cute. Boys, too, deserve to learn to be caring and gentle. They, too, deserve to see women role models as heroes. By the same token, girls deserve to explore and be free-spirited; the imagery they wear should do more than just “dumb them down” with messages that emphasize only the importance of being sweet and adorable.

Eliminate outdated labels from kids’ worlds. Give flight to their dreams, their curiosities, their emotions, and their imaginations by wearing Pink Truck, the unbranding brand.

#ChangeGear with Pink Truck and #WearWhatULove.

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