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It's time to change gear™.

Girls can love trucks. Boys can love pink. We all can love the same things. There are no rules. Just wear what you love™.

Founded by a mom of twin girls who loved trucks, Pink Truck® is the Twinspiration™ brand that’s been featured in Women’s Health, the Boston Globe, NPR, and several news shows across the nation. In an age where people are fedup with the outdated gender stereotypes in popular apparel, Pink Truck®’s tees, hoodies, and hats offer adults and children a chance to wear comfortable, stylish and trend-setting apparel that also sends a strong social message: be who you are; wear what you love™.

At just two years old, this unprecedented brand now offers 10 designs in a variety of casual wear, all unmistakably recognizable as a Pink Truck® design. With each new design comes a new community of “Pink Truckers” (the catchy name invented by our fans). Men, women, and children proudly dress in Pink Truck®’s casual wear in support of a new era where people refuse to be programmed or limited by outdated symbolism and color-coded apparel.

Pink Truck® is for people who love pink, or love the things seen in our designs, or just love our message. Pink Truckers™ don’t wear our apparel just because it’s soft and cool-looking (because it is); Pink Truckers also wear our clothes because they want to leave gender bias in the rear-view mirror.

#ChangeGear™ with #PinkTruck® and #WearWhatULove™.

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