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Pink Truck® is the Twinspiration™ brand with impeccable timing, hitting the Internet highway just as parents nationwide began challenging the outdated gender stereotypes in popular apparel.

Almost 2 years old, Pink Truck was launched in December 2014 by a mom whose twin girls loved trucks. Pink Truck’s founder, Dana Babbin, and Pink Truck fans (who call themselves "Pink Truckers”) have appeared on several morning news shows, and Pink Truck has been featured in popular media such as NPR, the Boston Globe, and Women's Health. “At Pink Truck®, pink isn’t a color; it’s a mindset!” declares Babbin. “We offer cute, practical, and soft clothing with a variety of designs… all easily recognizable as a part of our brand, and all with a message: it’s time to change gear.

Pink Truckers are a community of people who lead by example. Men, women, and children wear Pink Truck’s casual and trendy tees, hoodies, and hats in support of a new generation that refuses to be programmed or limited by outdated symbolism and color coded apparel that sends the message to boys that it’s uncool to love pink, or tells girls they should aspire to being cute and nothing more.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl. We all can be strong, smart, creative, and caring, and that’s what our designs stand for.” remarks Babbin. Men and women, boys and girls…”[w]e all deserve a chance to explore and be free-spirited. Don’t ‘dumb girls down’ with messages that emphasize only what they look like. And don’t limit boys to iconography that says ‘I’m rough-and-tough.’ Give them more options; give them Pink Truck.

Defy labels by wearing our label,” laughs Babbin. “People don’t just wear our stuff because it’s soft, comfy, and cool looking,” says Babbin. “They wear it because they believe in the message behind it.”

So give flight to your dreams! Encourage your kids’ curiosities! Spark those imaginations! And leave gender bias in the rear view mirror!

#ChangeGear with #PinkTruck and #WearWhatULove.

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